Privacy Policy

Yleana policy on confidential information stored in Yleana Application Portal

Yleana Leadership Academy wants to ensure that users of its online application and data management system, known as the "Yleana Application Portal", feel secure in providing information through the Yleana Application Portal for use by Yleana Leadership Academy. Thus, the Yleana Leadership Academy has created this policy to explain the purposes for which your private information will be used, and those security measures taken to protect its confidentiality. This policy applies only to the Yleana Application Portal.

What information we collect and how it is used

We use the Yleana Application Portal for program application and enrollment, maintaining and storing documents for applicants, sharing information with affiliate partner organization, and for Yleana Application Portal to conduct internal research on our program applicants' demographics, standardized test progress, and other information related to Yleana Leadership Academy's mission. For these purposes, we will request that you enter personally identifiable information into the Yleana Application Portal, including your name, telephone number and address.

Confidentiality and security of personally identifiable information

Personally identifiable information is stored on Yleana Application Portal's secure and password protected network. Passwords that users use to enter the Yleana Application Portal are digitally encrypted. Only the Yleana Application Portal and its affiliate partner orgnatizations will be authorized to access the Yleana Application Portal, and then only for the purposes set forth above. (Of course, the outside company which hosts the database and provides Yleana Leadership Academy with other information technology services will have access to it in their role as service provider, but it is also obligated to preserve privacy, according to the terms of our agreement.) Additionally, the Yleana Leadership Academy will not sell, share, or rent personally identifiable information that you submit to Yleana Application Portal other than as set forth herein (and by force of law, such as law enforcement or civil subpoena). While no security system is perfect -- and thus third parties could unlawfully access systems and communications -- the Yleana Leadership Academy has adopted reasonable, industry-standard safeguards for your protection.